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The Factory Reno – Great Company to Work With.

The Factory Reno – Great Company to Work With.

(from left to right, Derek, Glenn, Angel, Brittney, Crystal, Izzy, and Brian) (Dogs – left to right, groot & Pauly)


Have you ever work with a great company before?

Well, I have. This company that I have work for called The Factory here in Reno, Nevada, check them out. They are one of the greatest companies to ever work with. They have set the gold standard on how to run a business and how to treat their people. It was an experience that I looked forward to. There was a connection with all the co-workers and seemed as if everyone was on the same wave length.


What set’s them so high? ( you said “gold standard” that’s a bold statement)

Have you ever worked at a place when you were late for 1-5minutes and they made you feel like crap? What about bathroom breaks, how many can you take, let me guess only during your 15min break or lunch? Have you ever felt like you were just a number? Anyways, I hope you get the picture. I am not against working in those type of environments but when I see some do the complete opposite of those questions I just mention, then you wonder if there is places where they didn’t criticized you if you were late to your job (don’t get me wrong, I did abuse it at one point-but what I loved was fixing my tardiness and they never hold a grudge, that’s all) but after that I started showing up on time because I wanted to. The environment was open, no walls aka cubicles. (even though we hardly talk to each other, we just use Slack(group chat) most of the time), the irony…lol.. We had a 1 hour lunch break, I would use that time wisely, got get a haircut, eat out and enjoy my food, meditate at the park, explore the city. Brian the owner of the factory would treat everyone to lunch on friday and spend about 1.5hrs eating, now that is cool- I remember when they invited me for the first time and I didn’t have any money, so when we went to the restaurant, I order the most inexpensive thing because I hardly had any money at the time, I thought everyone had to pay for their meal. That’s when I notice Brian paid for the whole meal for everyone, I was blown away(no one knew that until years later I told them how I felt). The music we play in the office which I loved, and the infamous Friday Feelys™ which was at times tied in with humor for example on a Tuesday subliminally the song “ILoveMakonnen – Tuesday” or when some would say a certain word for example “Different” the song would subliminally would play “2Chainz – I’m Different” and there is many more examples. Forgive me if I haven’t given credit to the rest of the Factory Workers in case you are reading this. My point is that The Factory is the Gold standard for only one reason and it is they found the right people to work with and made a culture that was outstanding. And thank you for that amazing experience.


What is Friday Feelys™? (just curious)

You’ll select a song that you are feeling throughout the week and they would play the song on Friday since it is the last day of the week. It could be anything. At times we would guess who guess who’s song. Just for fun. I always got one right everytime which was my song. But I believe Izzy was the ultimate true guesser, he knew most of our songs. Oh yeah, I just remembered the Friday Feely’s  has an amazing intro of a combination sayings from different movies – of setting the mood for the songs that are about to play. i don’t have an example but Angel did pull it off.


It sounds like you don’t work there, what happened if you don’t mind me asking?

Not at all. I got laid off from working there. And I will leave at that to respect Brian, the owner of the company. All I got to say is that I will defend this company or talk very highly about them because they made realize on how to run a company moving forward. On business ethics, culture, and standing up for what you believe in.


I just want to say thank you for the experience, I will always remember the things that I have learned. I feel like I am going to cry.



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