New York The Long Way | Meeting Jimmy – Epiphany
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Meeting Jimmy – Epiphany

Meeting Jimmy – Epiphany

Good Afternoon,
This is Glenn writing by the way.
I didn’t what to write for my first post and I wanted the first post to be perfect (I am not even know what that means). I had an epiphany, what alcholics call it “a moment of clarity” – Jules (From Pulp Fiction).. I decided I know exactly what I am going to write and it is going to deal with people and my experience with them. How I met them? Where did I meet them? What did I learn from them? etc….

So today I met a landscaper named Jimmy, works for Sierra Nevada Landscapes for about 35 years or at least has been doing his craft for about 35 years. He showed me a little bit about plumbing at this specific location 201 W. Liberty St., Reno, NV 89501, If you ever notice the trees in front of this building, you’ll notice that one of the tree’s are short. And it was because the water pipe was cracked and it was over watered.
Anyways, I met Jimmy and shared his knowledge about plumbing. And one of the things that I loved about what he said was his quote which is “If your going to do a job, do it right the first time” something like that, I agree with him. Which is a standard really hard to keep up.

And when I took off, it hit me, I said I am going to write about the people I meet along the way and what I can learn from them. I will take the good, the bad, and the ugly. Or just write a perspective of what I see. It’s better than not writing anything, even if my grammar is off.

Anyways, take care.


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