New York The Long Way | 2018 – Goals of the Year
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2018 – Goals of the Year

2018 – Goals of the Year

Do you have goals this year?

I wanted to right the perfect goals and measurable goals but I wrote them the best I could that made sense to me.

We all must be accountable to our goals and give the best this year.
And I will start by leading by example and showing them publicly.

I wrote all of my goals on a piece of paper hanging right in front of my desk so I can see them daily.

Accountable for 2018
  • I will head to Chalma, Mexico for a pilgrimage with camping gear, and enjoy the cycle/walking trip with friends on May – June 2018. And also spend about a whole month in Mexico and working with new clients for my freelance business.
  • I will start a youtube channel on how to do things/creative/teaching people/funny or vlog about what I do on daily basis but eventually start something so it can evolve into something creative by serving others starting February 2018.
  • I will own my own business that I have created from scratch and I am predicting I will make about $1,000-$1,500 dollars on a monthly basis. And it will help me be anywhere in the world, take care of the essential bills. I believe in 9 months I will make this kind of income.
  • I will maintain a healthier lifestyle by eating the right foods, choosing to exercise on a set schedule, drinking the right ammount of H2o/tea, and being aware of my body starting January 2018.
  • I will read the whole NLT translation of the Holy Bible by the end of 2018. And being consistent on my reading habit so I can grow spiritually starting at the beginning of 2018.
  • I will read 15 books this year or more depending on the speed I read them. I will divide the reading for 24 days each book to finish. Starting beginning of 2018.
  • I will create a mission statement for that will reflect my life and will help me stand on what I believe. (Not sure when, but at least before April 2018)
  • I will create my own website branding on what I do, how I do it and why I do it so I can help others for the future and helping people along the way. Finish by January 2018.

Anyways, these are my goals for 2018, I will updated them as I go. And I might add some along the way.


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