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New York the long way?

First, my name is Glenn Barbosa, that dude that is on the front page with camo pants. Anyways, I created this website based of a bike trip around the coast from Reno,Nevada to New York City. That’s why it is called New York the Long Way a friend of mine name Izzy came up with it so I give hime credit. Also, this is a dream of mine back in 2010 while living in San Diego. This website will showcase my artwork along the way. I will share information on what I have learned. And I want to help people in a creative way because most of things I have created has not always been on print, web or typical ways of doing things. I like to create memorable expererince with people in a creative way. I guess that’s my purpose in life (I am currently rediscovering my “why”) Hopefully I connected with you in some way. If not, it’s no big deal.

Here are some personal life stories with family and friends.

Here I will share some work
over the years.

Here I will share some stories
about life, experience, and etc.